Sales Coaching Services

Matt Pearson standing in front of a sales team, sales coaching to close more sales.

Coaching Salespeople.
In Person. In the Field.

The most effective sales coaching takes place in the field.  The real-life experience of presenting proposals, confirming needs analysis, overcoming objections, and asking for a sale forms the spine of a great salesperson’s skill set.  That’s why we coach in your market, in the field, with your reps, and with your clients and prospects.  There is no better training ground than the three days we go selling with your team.  Those days provide the best opportunity for coaching, closing sales, and building skills that will last.

Preparation is Key to Success

After we schedule time for a market visit, your sales team will set up the appointments.  Then they will provide Matt with a situational analysis and proposal they want to sell.  Matt will review the materials and develop possible outcome scenarios.  Finally, Matt will create a closing strategy.

During the pre-market phase, there is a lot of communication between Matt, sales management, and account executives.  That way, when Matt arrives in town, he hits the streets running.

Sales Coaching Where it's the Most Effective

The days spent in your market are very busy and long.  Matt hits the ground running.  He meets with account executives to finalize presentations. Then, he’s in the field making sales calls.  The sales calls serve as the main platform for skills assessment, coaching sales reps, and closing sales.

At the end of the visit, Matt meets with sales management.  He offers an unbiased critique of each sales rep, including their strengths, weaknesses, and the biggest opportunity for improvement.

Follow Up and Follow Through

After the market visit, there are follow-up calls to make, techniques to reinforce, and accountability.  Plans are made for each account executive to quickly get back into the field with another client and another presentation.  This shows how new skills and techniques apply to all clients and situations.

The concepts stick and can be applied to almost every client.  Closing a sale with Matt sitting in the same room is great.  Using the skills Matt taught to close a sale on your own is awesome.

Actual Experience Speaks Louder Than Anything Else!

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On-Going Resources and Sales Coaching

In addition to market visits, clients of Matt Pearson Consulting have access to resources and ongoing training.  Matt provides team sales coaching through remote learning platforms and monthly webinars.  It’s how we make the training stick and how your team will continue to close at a higher rate of closing even after Matt finishes his trip to your market and heads for home.  For more information, contact us.